Slow Cooker Revolution

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The Test Kitchens Guide to Quick and Easy Foolproof Slow Cooker Recipes

We had a simple goal in developing this book: create quick and easy foolproof slow cooker recipes that taste as good as food prepared on the stovetop or in the oven. We also wanted to expand beyond the obvious slow-cooker recipes like soups and stews and develop satisfying casseroles, meatloaves, side dishes, desserts, and a variety of everyday basics that are handy to have around.

Creating slow cooker recipes that were simply convenient wasn't going to cut it. We spent the better part of a year with 30 slow cookers going every day, and along the way we learned a lot about cooking with a slow cooker. The result is this revolutionary collection of recipes you'll really want to make. From easy-to-make lasagnas, satisfying pasta sauces, all sorts of enchilada and burrito fillings, kid-friendly macaroni and cheese and Sloppy Joes, to savory stratas, creamy polenta, and fudgy pudding cakes, these recipes offer appealing options whether you're cooking a weeknight dinner, making appetizers for a potluck, or juggling multiple dishes for the holidays.

Throughout Slow Cooker Revolution you'll find recipes highlighted as "Easy Prep" for a quick turnaround before turning on the slow cooker. We were willing to try anything from frozen hash browns and frozen chopped onions, to jarred sauce and more, and we looked for tricks that delivered on both flavor and convenience. For great-tasting and almost no-prep slow-cooker meatballs, we used store-bought pesto (which gave the meatballs both texture and bright flavor, no chopping of onions or garlic required), and our favorite jarred pasta sauce.

You'll find recipes for easy sides to round out your meals along with shopping and prep tips that will make your life even easier. A lifeline for busy cooks, these slow cooker recipes deliver on flavor and convenience, making it an essential addition to all home cook libraries.


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