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The Complete How-To Cookbook for Young Chefs 8+ and up!

Spark family fun in the kitchen with the new cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen Kids—Kids Can Cook Anything! This bright, accessible book features impressive but kid-friendly recipes, plus how-tos, and links to 20 videos exploring kitchen techniques!

Kids (and their families) will learn essential cooking skills like how to chop an onion and how to separate an egg. Plus, they’ll gain confidence as they cook alongside friends and family preparing juicy Oven-Baked Chicken, fancy-looking Chocolate Pastry Puffs, or Creamy Secret Ingredient Pasta!

Using this cookbook as a guide, kids will discover they CAN cook anything and serve recipes that are fun to make and delicious to eat. With kid-tested and kid-approved recipes, America's Test Kitchen Kids has created a GREAT cookbook every kid chef needs:

  • 70+ recipes thoroughly tested by America’s Test Kitchen test cooks AND 15,000 ATK kid testers to get them just right for cooks of all skill levels.
  • Step-by-step photos of tips and techniques to help young chefs feel like pros.
  • QR codes throughout the book link to video examples of relevant techniques and skills to help kids visualize concepts.
  • Testimonials from ATK kid testers to encourage young chefs!

With this fifth book in the #1 New York Times Best Selling Young Chef Series, America's Test Kitchen Kids is bringing their scientific know-how, rigorous testing, and hands-on learning to KIDS and families in the kitchen!

Some of what you'll find inside

Chocolate Pastry Puffs

These breakfast treats are similar to pain au chocolat (“PAHN oh shock-uh-LAH”), a flaky French pastry with a chocolate center, but they’re much simpler to make! We start with store-bought puff pastry, which is made of superthin layers of dough and butter. It puffs up in the oven as the water in the butter heats up and escapes as steam.

Garlic-Sesame Nori Chips

To make our nori chips crispy and sturdy, we fold each sheet in half before baking, using water to stick the folded sheet together. Painting each nori sheet with toasted sesame oil adds even more chip-like crunch and helps the sesame seed mixture stick.

Kimchi-Miso Ramen

Dried ramen noodles are usually sold with a packet of salty (but not very flavorful) seasoning. To amp up the flavor in our ramen, we toss the packet and add two special ingredients instead: miso and kimchi. You can take your soup to the next level with toppings such as cooked corn kernels, thinly sliced scallions, bean sprouts, shredded nori, hard-cooked eggs, sriracha, chili crisp, and chili-garlic sauce.

Oven-Baked Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce

Traditional teriyaki chicken is grilled or broiled, but in this recipe, we moved the chicken from the grill to the oven, making things a little safer while still creating juicy meat with crispy, caramelized edges. The simple sauce full of bold flavor in this recipe is based on Chef Toshi Kasahara’s version of traditional Japanese chicken teriyaki, which he serves at Toshi’s Teriyaki Grill in Mill Creek, Washington.

Garlic Bread

Combining the powers of two ingredients—fresh garlic and garlic powder—gives this garlic bread the most garlicky flavor possible. Garlic, plus a smidge of salt, pepper, and sugar, is mixed with softened butter that's smeared over a whole loaf of soft Italian bread that gets crispy in the oven, and delivers plenty of garlic flavor with every bite.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

To give these moist cupcakes their brilliant red color, we use some cakey chemistry. Cocoa powder contains molecules called anthocyanins (“ann-though-SIGH-ah-nins”). When anthocyanins interact with acids—in this recipe, buttermilk and vinegar—they turn red (don’t worry, you won’t taste the vinegar!). That chemical reaction produces a faint red color in these cupcakes, which we boost with a bit of red food coloring. Top these colorful cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and enjoy!


Recipes: 70+
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 208
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